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    Author: Tod Dexter

    Consistent with previous vintages from this site, the concentration and power of 36 year old Chardonnay vines on grey sandy clay loam soil is evident, especially in 2022. The wine has deep layers of pickled lemon rind, mandarin skin and crunchy white nectarine with refreshing acidity. It has a richness and thickness to the structure with hints of flint and white pepper similar to the 2019 Chardonnay. This is a very

    The low crop weights and small bunches have resulted in intensely concentrated fruit flavours and fine velvet tannins. The cherry, strawberries and black berry flavours dominate with more subtle savoury tones and exotic fruits coming through on the back palate. The fine grain tannins and well defined structure carry the fruit sweetness well with great length.

    Consistent with previous vintages in its elegance and fineness after an ideal 2021 growing season. Subtle flavours reflective of the aromas – particularly lemon, grapefruit, stone fruit and elegant oak. The wine has a soft middle palate with good length and refreshing acid. Similar in structure and flavour to the 2019 vintage at the same age.

    Complex flavours as suggested by the aromas. It has a soft entry with mid palate fruit sweetness and lovely texture. Fine tannins and balanced acidity result in a wine with good texture and length. An elegant example of Dexter Pinot Noir, very similar to the 2019 in quality.